Tips on How to Find the Best Transmission Rebuild Kits

If you found this site you are more than likely having transmission problems, after you have done all  of the transmission troubleshooting you can it may be necessary to rebuild it. Transmission rebuild kits are usually available in most car part stores but they usually are pretty limited on what they keep in inventory. In addition, most people do not actually know exactly what to look for. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which a rebuild kit is purchased and the buyer later realizes that the investment was not a good one. In order to avoid such an unwanted scenario, let us talk a little about the 2 types of transmission rebuild kits that you would choose from and what to consider when buying them.


  • Manual Transmission Rebuild Kits

The great thing about these transmission rebuild kits is that they are readily available and one kit is usually suitable for many different cars. They are much cheaper than automatic transmission rebuild kits.  Installation is much easier than rebuilding an automatic transmission.  Most people simply install them themselves without the need to go to a shop. Especially with the aide of videos on youtube, it has made it a very doable process for most people.



  •  Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kits

These kits are not as common and there is a strong chance that you will have some problems in locating exactly what you are looking for. With automatic kits it is really important that you make sure that they are suitable for your vehicle. In addition, there is a strong chance that you will have to go to a mechanic to mount the new transmission as the process is more complicated.


    • Make A List Of Suitable Transmission Rebuild Kits

      Manual Transmission Rebuild Kits


It is not at all a good idea to simply purchase the first kit that you find. You might end up locating a cheaper deal somewhere else. Always consider the online option and simply write down all the rebuild kits that you find. After that you can see which deals are the best ones. You may need to search for a specific model of car  and type of transmission in order to find one for your particular vehicle. For example;


  • Dodge Transmission Rebuild Kits

  • Nissan Transmission Rebuild Kits

  • Ford Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kits

  • Honda Transmission Overhaul Kits

  • Chevy Automatic Overhaul Kits


  • Understanding Online Prices

The prices of kits vary a lot online. In addition, you need to take into account the shipping and handling charges.  Also, keep in mind a wholesaler will always have better deals and if it is possible, try to buy OEM parts from the manufacturer. In addition, faster shipping is usually more expensive. If it is not urgent, opt for the regular shipping option! 


  • Look At What The Kit Includes

This is quite a common mistake that appears when trying to buy transmission rebuild kits. It is important that you make Transmission Rebuild Kitssure that the kit includes everything that you need as an extra purchase would only mean spending more money  and delays as your waiting for more parts to be shipped. Look at your current transmission box, see what is needed and cross check with what is included in the kit.

Common parts included in a Transmission Rebuild Kit include;

  • Main case bearings
  • gaskets
  • seals
  • You may also want to add new bearing retainer, nuts, extension housing bushing and Syncro rings.


  • Analyze Buyer Reviews

Some of the online shops are not honest. You need to avoid these at all costs and in order to do that you can easily read some buyer reviews. The great thing about the Internet is the fact that unsatisfied customers will always let others know if something was wrong with a purchase. This includes transmission rebuild kits. The trick is to look for problems on other websites, do not take the reviews on their website as gospel. If there are too many negative revies, stay away from the store!

A great site is to look for negative reviews on a site.


  • Go For Experience!

If you opt to have your transmission rebuilt by a mechanic make sure you look for one with experience.  Also make sure to get some type of warranty with the rebuild and installation.
If you take into account absolutely all the tips mentioned above, you will surely be able to find great transmission rebuild kits to buy. It is very important that you do not hurry and that you take the time necessary to research as much information as possible about the rebuild kit and about the company that sells it.


Here is a really helpful video, this is just step 1 there are multiple other videos that he has that walks through rebuilding a whole manual transmission.

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